Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

Call Recording enhances any business

A call recording solution from NGC Networks will enhance your business by enabling you to deliver the best possible service to your customers. By recording all telephone orders or discussions, you can quickly confirm back to a customer what was agreed. This enables any disputes to be quickly resolved and for the customer to be retained for future business.

Call recording works alongside your staff to help them develop their customer service skills as well as drive new sales through better sales techniques.

Call recording has become a core application in day-to-day customer service operations. For many businesses, it plays a vital role in compliance and dispute resolution. However, call recording adds significant value to a range of business processes including:

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Recording for Compliance

For businesses who are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or who take card payments over the phone, our call recording solutions will form an important part of your compliance strategy.

PCI DSS Compliance

If your business takes credit card payments over the phone then you are subject to the regulations of PCI DSS compliance. The penalty for non-compliance can range from a significant fine to loss of your merchant ID, rendering you unable to take card payments.

PCI DSS compliance does not allow for the digital recording or storage of sensitive payment card information such as the CVV2 security code or user PIN, even if the data is encrypted. Our dynamic, automated solution delivers a seamless customer experience where no sensitive authentication data is recorded, ensuring compliance.

FCA Compliance

Under policy statement 08/1 the FCA dictates that any business involved in the transaction of equities, bonds, commodities and derivative markets is required to not only record voice conversations but also to keep them for a minimum period of 6 months.

Our FCA call recording application has been designed in collaboration with financial services industry experts to meet the exacting requirements of an FCA regulated business.

Recording for Quality Monitoring

Once a call recording solution has been deployed, Quality Monitoring applications are easy to implement and deliver immediate, tangible business benefits by allowing businesses to improve the way they interact with their customers.

The Quality Assurance Media Player allows supervisors to review part or all of a recorded conversation and assess how well the call was handled, tagging the recording with relevant notes.

The notes can be used to help with staff training and appraisal as well as providing a source of valuable customer insight.

Key Features of Our Recorders


Calls can be recorded at any number of sites with management and retrieval through a single interface from anywhere on your network, or via the Internet.

Live Monitoring

Any call can be monitored from anywhere on the network; idea for training or in response to an abusive or difficult caller.

Screen Capture

Screen capture features allows you to view the agent’s screen whilst listening to a call; an essential quality assurance tool.


Integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Retrieval is made easy with access to recordings available directly from your CM, CRM, EDRM or ERP applications.

Ease of Retrieval

Calls can be searched quickly and easily; recordings can be replayed via a telephone handset or through the sound card on a PC.


Calls are stored using AES encryption for added security.


The robust system utilises high-quality hardware with built-in redundancy and support for virtualised environments.

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